A Centerpiece for Christmas Dinner

By Sandy Hu
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One of the best things about making Christmas dinner is coming up with a different centerpiece for the table each year. As kids, I doubt my boys really appreciated the effort, but I enjoy this annual project. I continue to collect all the holiday issues of magazines, looking for design inspiration.

This year, I’m making Christmas trees from sheet moss, something I saw in one of the magazines a few years ago. These trees are easy to make but moss is messy – it will crumble on you – so make these trees in a place where you can clean up easily afterwards. I like the trees in their natural state for a woodland effect, but you can add embellishments if you like your trees fancier.

Here’s wishing you happy holidays!

Tabletop Christmas Trees

Stiff, heavy duty florists’ wire
1 package sheet moss (about 14 inches by 14 inches)
3 Styrofoam cones, about 6 inches tall
3 small clay pots
Additional Styrofoam (to stuff the pots)
3 sturdy branches for the tree trunks

  1. Snip florists’ wire with wire cutters into 2-inch lengths. Bend each piece of cut wire into a U shape to make pins. You will need about 10 pins per cone.
  2. With a knife, cut Styrofoam in a block to fit a clay pot and shove into down into the pot, lodging securely; trim excess with a knife.
  3. Poke one end of one branch into the base of a Styrofoam cone to make the trunk of the tree and plant the other end into the pot. This allows you to test the balance of the tree and make sure the tree will stand securely in the pot later.
  4. Remove cone with branch still attached to the cone, from the pot.
  5. Lay out sheet moss, root side up on a work surface. Wrap the Styrofoam cone in sheet moss, gently tearing off excess moss and pinning moss in place with the U pins. Patch with smaller pieces of moss as needed, until cone is entirely covered. Crimp moss at the top of the cone and secure with pins.
  6. Plant the moss covered cone back into the pot. Use moss scraps to hide the Styrofoam visible in the pot.
  7. Repeat for remaining two cones.
  8. Add strings of beads, tiny ornaments or other decorations, securing with more U pins, if desired.

CAUTION: Do not put moss trees near candle flame since the moss is flammable.

Makes 3 tabletop trees.

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Posted: Dec 12th by Sandy_Hu