A Culinary Adventure in Ireland

I’m posting late today, after a marathon 24 hours of air travel from Ireland, via Heathrow and LAX. I just returned from a five-day trip, meeting Ireland’s top food stars and sampling their outstanding fare.

If you’re imagining boiled dinners or corned beef and cabbage, think again. Today, the best of Irish cooking is sophisticated and vibrant, and easily holds its own on the world stage.

It starts with the ingredients. Talented chefs are creating an authentic cuisine using native ingredients from the land and sea – organic vegetables hand-picked from their own gardens, local lamb and fresh-caught seafood. They are supported by artisan food producers who smoke, churn, cure and age to enhance foods further.

Then there’s the butter and cheeses, made possible by Ireland’s incredibly rich, green grass. Ireland isn’t known as the Emerald Isle for nothing. Cows grazing on pastureland produce milk so rich in beta-carotene to turn the butter a natural gold.

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Posted: Sep 21st by Sandy_Hu