Easy Christmas Centerpiece

By Sandy Hu
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Truth be told, what I like most about hosting a party is not the cooking, but the decorating. And every year, for my Christmas Eve table, I plan a special table setting to delight my family.

Last year, I made moss tabletop Christmas trees. This year I’m creating a woodland theme with a table “runner” made of Noble Fir sprigs – free scraps of greenery I rescued from my Christmas tree lot, destined for the compost bin. I’ll add snowballs made from Styrofoam, tea lights and partridges bought years ago from my favorite florist.

As the years go by, I’m getting more practical about china, using my white everyday dishes that can go into the dishwasher, so we’re not cleaning up until all hours, hand-washing plates after dinner. But I’ll use good crystal and silverware to make the table sparkle. And I always set the table with cloth napkins, which go directly into the washer when the table is cleared, to prevent stains.

The snowballs for this year’s table are very simple to make. Our Vine video explains the whole process in six seconds. Here’s a more detailed recipe:


Epsom salt (available at drugstores)
White glue (such as Elmer’s)
Styrofoam balls of various sizes

Pour Epsom salt into a shallow bowl. Pour some white glue into a small plate or bowl.

Dip a stiff brush in white glue and brush the Styrofoam ball to coat a few square inches with glue, then dip coated area in Epsom salt. Continue to brush, coat and dip until the entire ball is covered. You may find it easier to do half of the ball, allow to dry, and then repeat with the second half.

When balls are dry, set them on pine sprigs to create a table centerpiece. Spray the pine with a little artificial snow, if desired.

Special Fork on Hiatus
Leaving you with a holiday table setting idea is our traditional sign off on Special Fork before we go on our annual winter hiatus so we can enjoy time with our family during the holidays. This is our last post for 2014. We will return with more quick and easy recipes and food ideas on Monday, January 5.

In the meantime, please check out our Special Fork database for holiday recipes. And we will continue to be engaged on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Here are some other easy holiday table settings and craft project to try. Each is accompanied by a short how-to video:

  • Moss trees are not hard to make, but they look like something bought from your florist
  • Fun Christmas tree ornaments are fashioned from everyday things in your kitchen drawer
  • Gumdrop trees are an entertaining family project for a winter afternoon, and the trees make an appealing table centerpiece

Dave and I wish you a most happy holiday season!

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Posted: Dec 7th by Sandy_Hu