Everybody’s Favorite Retro Salad

It used to be that “salad,” meant iceberg lettuce. Today, with so many sophisticated and more intensely-flavored varieties of baby greens, iceberg lettuce has been consigned to the role of leaf backdrop in burger buns.

Iceberg is enjoying a mini-comeback. Its mild taste and its ability to get totally crisp (we’ll show you how), makes it the prefect foil for rich and pungent blue cheese.

Iceberg Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing is a fabulous salad to serve as an impressive first course when you have company, since it’s so easy to make. Whip up the dressing and chill the lettuce the day before. Just cut the head into wedges and assemble the salad before guests come to the table.

Since this is such a rich salad, you could serve it as the main course for a light supper, with hunks of baguette on the side.

Posted: Sep 17th by Sandy_Hu