Hot-Cooked Rice? So nice!

You might think that rice is in my blood, in my veins. But you would be wrong.

As a kid, I was a mashed potatoes girl. And it’s only as I developed an appreciation of food and cooking that I learned to appreciate rice – the firm little morsels with just a little bite, that when chewed slowly, develop a sweetness that fills the mouth with flavor.

I don’t understand why more people don’t have a rice cooker. It’s one of the cheapest electrical food appliances and proves its worth every time I have perfect rice in 30 minutes by just pressing a button – no watching, no fussing.

If you’re in a hurry to put dinner on the table after work, you can start rice in the rice cooker as soon as you get home. Now you can tend to the meat and veggies. It’s great for company, too, since it’s the one part of the meal that makes itself. I’ll give you a way to dress up plain rice for a company dinner in my reci-tips below.

There are fancy rice cookers that program for the type of rice you are using. Some have induction heating, inner pans made of clay, and other bells and whistles. But I’m perfectly happy with my no-nonsense, inexpensive National. If you cook a variety of rice often – brown, jasmine, basmati, etc. – you might want a more sophisticated rice cooker, but for basic long grain and short-grain rice, the simplest will do.

Along with a rice cooker, no Asian family would be without a rice paddle. Flat and oval-shaped, it’s more convenient than a spoon for fluffing just-cooked rice and for scooping it out of the pot.

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Posted: Jul 27th by Sandy_Hu