Irish Food Stars Share Recipes

I’m thinking I must have been Irish in a previous life because I feel so at home in Ireland. Having just gotten back <> a week ago, I’m still savoring the pleasure of having visited with so many gracious and talented food stars whose accomplishments have started a buzz about Ireland as the next hot culinary destination, home to extraordinarily good cuisine.

These Irish icons celebrate the country’s natural agricultural gifts, including the grass that produces the milk that makes the butter and cheeses. The best way to understand the role of dairy products is to visit a farm. So our Kerrygold food media group stopped at the Cronin dairy farm in North County Cork in time for the milking.

Farmer Deirdre Cronin calls the family’s 30 cows her “girls.” They have names to match their personalities; one is called Miss Fussy because she’s small and dainty, and fussy in the milking parlor. The milk produced by Deirdre’s girls goes to a local creamery in Kanturk, to be churned into golden Kerrygold butter.

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Posted: Sep 26th by Sandy_Hu