A Look at Special Fork’s New Office

We’ve been laboring hard, getting Special Fork off the ground. And this summer, we renovated our old kitchen to make a real office for Special Fork.

Until then, we had two kitchens: our remodeled one where you see us doing food demos for Special Fork’s Video Fridays and our old kitchen, which was still functional. We removed the appliances, chipped out the wall tile and refinished the floor. It was an exciting process.

On this Labor Day, we’d like to reveal our new Special Fork space, which is bright, cheerful and filled with sunlight. There’s plenty of room for Dave and our intern, Joy, and for an occasional quick meeting. My office is just down the hall.

To celebrate our new space, we opened a bottle of Prosecco and made some delicious fresh fruit crostini, inspired by a feature in Bon Appétit magazine in June. While the original was done with peaches, we used apricots and you could easily use nectarines. It’s a lovely way to showcase the last summer fruits as we edge into fall.

I didn’t measure amounts, but this is a simple idea – you can easily estimate quantities.

Fresh Fruit Crostini
Cut baguette in slices less than ½-inch thick. Using a pastry brush, brush bread slices with olive oil and both sides. Grill bread on both sides until toasted. Alternatively, you can bake the slices in a preheated 350° F oven for about 15 minutes, turning once, until slices are golden and toasted. Halve and pit apricots, nectarines or peaches and slice into thin wedges. Spread toasts with sheep’s milk ricotta, then top with a few piece of prosciutto torn to fit bread slice. Drizzle with honey and add few grindings of black pepper. Finish with two slices of fruit.

All of us at Special Fork wish you a happy and restful Labor Day. We’ll be taking the day off, grilling burgers and exchanging our Labor Day gifts. Yep, we have a Labor Day gift-giving tradition. It’s very fun – I recommend it!

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Posted: Sep 4th by Sandy_Hu