Recipes for the Fourth of July

By Sandy Hu
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For the Fourth of July, I’ve always stuck to the traditional dishes–burgers and hot dogs, ribs, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans…. Like Thanksgiving, many families have certain menu items that are sacrosanct.

This year, I’m taking baby steps to branch out. I’m adding Sriracha Deviled Eggs to introduce some new flavors to our holiday celebration. With its hot, sweet and slightly tart flavor profile, sriracha gets along companionably with the creamy egg yolks, and adds a bright, spicy sass to this traditional summer favorite.

Sriracha Deviled Eggs
6 large eggs
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 teaspoons sriracha
1 teaspoon rice vinegar
1½ teaspoons minced Thai basil
Grated carrot for garnish, optional

Boil eggs; peel and halve lengthwise while eggs are still warm. In a small bowl, add yolks and mash with a fork. Add mayonnaise, sriracha, rice vinegar and basil; stir until well mixed. Pipe or spoon yolk mixture into egg halves, dividing evenly. Top with a bit of grated carrot for garnish, if desired.

Makes 12 deviled eggs.

Note: To boil eggs, follow the instructions from Ben Mims but instead of letting the eggs sit in the hot water for just 8 minutes, you might want to let them go to 10 or 12 minutes for drier, crumblier yolks.

If you’re sticking to the classics for the Fourth, here are some recipes from the Special Fork database:

Have a happy and safe Fourth!

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Posted: Jun 28th by Sandy_Hu