Special Fork Goes on Hiatus

By Sandy Hu
The latest from Inside Special Fork

It’s time for our annual Special Fork summer hiatus, when we rest and recharge. We’ll return on Tuesday, September 6, after Labor Day.

With a whole month of summer to go, here are some tips and recipes from the Special Fork archives and recipe database to see you through August.

Hot Weather Food Safety Tips:
Before you embark on your next picnic, take heed of tips from a registered dietitian on how to prepare, pack and keep food safe.

Easy Summer Projects:
Take advantage of the more leisurely pace of summer to try a new cooking project, like brandying some cherries or pickling some okra. Make your own “Nutella” or tropical fruit ices. This post gives you some quick and easy options.

Summer To-Do List:
Make a list all the culinary activities you want to accomplish before the end of summer—similar to New Year’s resolutions—so you won’t get to Labor Day and wonder what happened to your best intentions. Take a look at our list for some fun ideas.

How to Grill:
Through the years, we’ve shared lots of good advice on grilling:

Summer Salads:
With farmers’ markets and produce counters burgeoning with the best fruits and vegetables of the season, make more salads, like:

While I won’t be posting a new recipe feature until we return, I’ll still be active on Twitter and Instagram as @specialforksndy, so let’s stay in touch. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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Posted: Jul 24th by Sandy_Hu