A Special Fork Summer Party

In the midst of our preparation to go to Thailand and Hong Kong, we decided to throw a Special Fork party to thank the people who have helped us develop the beta version of our mobile website. David, my son, co-founder and CEO of Special Fork, wants to build a company with good values – one that appreciates the contributions of the people who help us succeed, and when we are successful, to compensate them equitably.

So we threw an after-work thank you party for the Web developers, photographer, business consultants and Special Fork food editors. David and I did all the cooking over two days, selecting appetizers from the Special Fork beta site.

We created a menu to reflect a variety of flavors, textures and colors. We balanced make-ahead recipes with those that required last-minute preparation. We downloaded the recipe ingredients to our Special Fork shopping list and off we went to the supermarket.

Cooking together is no problem in our large, open kitchen (our kitchen is pictured on our blog masthead). We just each staked out a section of the butcher block to prep and shared burners on the six-burner Wolf range.

Since eye appeal is as important as the taste of food, I always take time to plan the table setting, selecting which platter or bowl to use for each dish. I set these out in advance to ensure that the disparate dishes will look harmonious on the table and so I’m not scrambling for a serving dish at the last minute.

In the summer, I love sunflowers as the table centerpiece. They’re bright, cheerful and remind me of leisurely drives through the south of France, past field upon field of gold, each flower raised up to the warmth of the sun. I put the sunflowers together Martha Stewart style, arranging the heads in my hand, then bundling the stems with raffia, trimming the bottoms to fit the vase.

Come check out our blog www.specialforkblog.com to see the rest of the post and the recipes that we used for our party.

Posted: Jul 19th by Sandy_Hu