Waste Not, Want Not!

Waste Not: Want Not!

I always feel virtuous when I clean out the fridge. We have a big Sub-Zero and things can get buried if you aren’t paying attention.

I hate wasting food but admit I do my share. When I clean out the fridge, though, I have a chance to redeem myself.

I flip on Turner Movie Classics or CNN and tackle the crisper bins on a Saturday morning to make room for a counter-full of new fresh produce from the supermarket or farmers’ market, waiting for refrigerator space.

Going through the fridge, I am doing triage. I sort through the tired produce, setting out what is salvageable and dumping the rest in the green (compost) bin.

I take overripe fruit and cut them up in large chunks, unpeeled, spread them in a single layer on a sheet pan, cover loosely with plastic wrap and freeze. When frozen, I bag the chunks in freezer bags for smoothies later. They’ll get blended with fresher fruit, yogurt or milk and ice cubes.

Or I might cut up whatever fruit I have left and make a fruit salad. When fruit is washed and prepped, they get consumed faster in my house.

I squeeze the juice of tired lemons, grating the rind first. I freeze the juice and rind separately in snack-size plastic bags. It’s always good to have fresh lemon juice on hand for salad dressing, lemon tart or lemonade, and the grated peel adds zest to buttered veggies and other dishes.

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Posted: Aug 2nd by Sandy_Hu