Win Cool Grill Tools!

If you’ve been grilling since Memorial Day, it’s time for fresh new ideas for Labor Day grilling and beyond. That’s why Special Fork has a grill tools sweepstakes launching today for the next two weeks. One Special Fork Facebook fan who enters our sweepstakes will win a grill tools prize package (estimated value: $120) donated by the Companion Group. I’m sure you’ve seen this popular brand, known for innovation and design, at gourmet stores and grilling boutiques.

An added bonus is a second prize: If you refer a friend, who also enters our sweepstakes, you’ll be entered to win a surprise gift (estimated retail value: $144.95). This is a completely separate drawing.

In our grill tools prize package, you will receive:

  • Stuff-A-Burger™ Press, a clever burger press to shape burgers with delicious stuffings and a special grill basket designed for cooking these fat, juicy burgers; make ¾-pound or ½-pound burgers. See how easy with this video demo.
  • Pit Mitt® Grill Glove will allow you to handle hot items directly off a very hot grill. The Pit MItt is reversible for left or right hand and has a silicone textured surface for superior grip. It is heat safe up to 475 F. Check out this video demo to see how well it performs.
  • Japlaneno Poppers Kit includes everything you need to make jalapeno poppers – a rack for holding them upright in the grill and a corer to remove the insides of the peppers for stuffing. See video demo for how-to instructions – it’s easy.
  • Smoker Box and Wood Chip Set enables you to add appealing, smoky flavor when you grill; it comes with a starter set of fragrant wood chips.
  • Flip Tip Digital Thermometer has an adjustable silicone depth gauge, allowing consistent placement of the thermometer probe for more accurate readings throughout the cooking process. The folding probe locks into the multiple angles for easier monitoring and closes flat for convenient storage. Easily switches between Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees with toggle button.
  • Moistly Grilled Grill Humidifier is a two-piece cast iron vessel that goes into the grill. Simply fill with water or any flavored liquid to introduce humidity to the grilling environment as you cook; meats retain more natural juices and smokier flavor. Check out the video demo.

All our Special Fork bloggers love grilling and we have a great collection of recipes in our mobile recipe database at (for smartphone users only). Use search term, “grilled.”

For all our Special Fork visitors, on a regular computer or smartphone, here’s a sampling of some past blog posts that feature grilling in a variety of taste-tempting recipes, from appetizer to dessert:


  • Fresh Fruit Crostini layers grilled baguette slices with sheep’s milk ricotta, nectarine slices and prosciutto.

Main Course:



  • Grilled Peach Sundaes from Andrew is a contemporary take-off on Peach Melba, transformed into a grilled summertime dessert.


  • Grilled Pizza from Katie includes a recipe for pizza dough, pizza grilling tips and flavor combinations.
  • Grilled Mediterranean Pizza from Lori is a super-simple version using naan bread for the pizza dough.

Happy grilling!

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Posted: Aug 12th by Sandy_Hu